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How Do I Apply?
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Friday, 09 December 2011 13:50

Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian housing program that is dedicated to making sure that everyone has a simple, decent place to live. Habitat helps each partner family build or rehabilitate a home, and then sells the home to the family with no interest. Habitat for Humanity makes no profit from the homes that it builds.

Family Selection Criteria

All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. There are three basic criteria which Habitat uses to select partner families:

  • Need
  • Ability to pay
  • Willingness to partner


In order to qualify for Habitat housing, your current housing situation must be unacceptable due to concerns for health or safety, overcrowding, and/or affordability. This will be carefully examined when selecting families as Habitat wants all people to have safe, decent, and affordable homes.


Applicants must meet income guidelines to obtain a Habitat House. A credit check will be done to determine sources of debt and credit history. A criminal background check will also be performed. Current income guidelines are listed below. Families who fall between these income limits may qualify for either a newly constructed house or a rehabilitated house:

Families who do not have enough income to qualify for a newly constructed house may be able to qualify for rehabilitated house with a selling price of $50,000 or less. Those income guidelines are listed below:


Habitat partner families must contribute a number of hours of “sweat equity” toward the construction of their home. This means that you must be on the construction work site or doing other approved work for Habitat. The number of hours required depends on the type of home (new or rehab) and the number of members in the family and varies according to age:

Newly constructed home Rehab home
1 adult household: 200 hours 100 hours
2 adult household: 300 hours 150 hours
Additional adults (18 years or older) 50 hours 25 hours
Children ages 16-17 50 hours 25 hours
Children ages 14-15 25 hours 13 hours
Children under the age of 14 may contribute hours by earning “A” and “B” grades on their report cards. (A=2 hours; B=1 hour)

Sweat equity can be completed by partner family members, extended family, friends or church members. However, the partner family members are expected to complete 50% of the total required hours in construction. In addition, the partner family must begin earning their sweat equity hours by working on the homes of other partner families. If they qualify for a new home, they must earn 50 hours of sweat equity on their own before final approval is given and construction begins on their new home. If they qualify for a rehab home, they must earn 25 hours of sweat equity on their own before final approval is given and work begins on their rehab home.


The Selection Process

Habitat families are interviewed and selected by the Family Selection Committee using the following process:

1. Interested applicants attend orientation meeting and complete application.

2. Applications are processed by the Family Selection Committee and either rejected or provisionally accepted based on the criteria of need, ability to pay (adequate income, manageable debt, plus good credit history) and willingness to partner (complete sweat equity hours and attend required classes.)

3. The Family Selection Committee schedules a home visit with provisionally accepted applicants for the purpose of gathering additional information.

4. Family selection is made based upon the three basic criteria with greatest need being the determining factor.

5. The Family Selection Committee presents applicant information to the Board of Directors for approval. Names are removed from applicant information sheets and are revealed to the Board after the vote is taken.

6. Selected families meet with Habitat representatives to review program and partnership requirements and discuss basic house design. Statements of understanding are signed at this time.

7. Selected families must complete 25-50 hours of sweat equity prior to the beginning of construction on their home. They must attend required homeowner education classes scheduled by DPCHFH.

8. The family will be able to move into the house when:

  • all sweat equity hours are completed
  • required homeowner education classes are completed
  • the $500 down payment is paid
  • the house is completed with all final inspections done.

Monthly mortgage payments (which include real estate taxes and insurance) will be approximately $300-$350 for newly constructed houses. Monthly mortgage payments for rehabilitated homes will be in the $125-$250 range depending on sales price.



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